Our Process


Our financial planning process is broken down into a series of stages which focus on ensuring your life aspirations and the investment of your money are carefully aligned. 

Having completed a detailed review of your current position and arrangements, we will provide you with specific recommendations on how to achieve your goals or simply give you comfort that everything is on track. Often a plan only needs a bit of tweaking but if any changes are necessary we will explain the benefits and risks associated with the approach we have suggested. 

If you are happy with our recommendations we help you with any relevant paperwork and put your financial plan in place. 

As your aspirations evolve in your life, so should your financial plan an we will be on hand to review this with you on a regular basis, should you choose. 

Wealth Management and Financial Planning


What we do


BSG helps clients make the most of their wealth, whilst providing a confidential and safe home for all their financial needs. Our service is built around comprehensive financial planning and sound investment principles. By exploring your goals and objectives we can tailor a financial strategy specific to your needs and dreams.

We use our expertise, analytics, behavioural coaching and cash flow modelling to ensure that you avoid any pitfalls and maximise all of the available opportunities and allowances that you have. We ensure that you are being as tax efficient as possible and can make informed decisions, helping you find the answers to those important questions:

  • Am I on track to achieve the income I need to maintain my lifestyle in retirement? Could I retire now? When could I afford to retire? 
  • If anything happened to me, how would this affect my family?
  • Can I afford to go on that world trip? Can I afford to help with a house deposit? What would I have to give up?
  • How can I extract profit tax efficiently from my business? What do I need to sell my business for to maintain my lifestyle? 
  • How can I mitigate inheritance tax and ensure that the money I have worked so hard for goes to my children/beneficiaries? 
  • Are my investments giving me value for money and are they generating the return that I need?
  • Am I taking too much risk with my investments? How much could they fall and how would this affect my ability to pay for school fees or reduce my retirement income?