BSG Core Values


We hold ourselves accountable to a simple set of principles which dictate how we put our clients’ interests at the forefront of our thoughts and how we operate.


We believe it is only possible to provide meaningful guidance to our clients if we really care about helping them articulate, and take steps to achieve and protect, the lifestyle they desire for themselves and their loved ones.


Our culture of learning and continuous improvement means we remain at the forefront of helping clients to realise what’s possible when it comes to harnessing their financial resources to best effect.


We regard ourselves as accountable for delivery of timely, relevant, technically sound and highly valuable advice and services.


The expertise within our team caters for a wide and varied range of financial planning and investment issues. We ensure people in our team with the most appropriate specialist skills and knowledge are allocated to a client’s requirements at the right time.


We believe passionately in the importance and value to our clients of the purpose we serve and the services we provide. We want to exceed our clients’ expectations. We enjoy what we do and want our clients to enjoy and look forward to dealing with us.


Earning and retaining our clients’ trust is the key to a lasting and successful working relationship. We believe trust is earned by taking a genuine interest in what is important to clients, having the credentials to address those issues and being diligent and reliable in the delivery on time, every time of anything under our control.


We get the things done that need to be done to ensure that the client engagement process is as short and efficient as possible. We will not allow our clients aspirations to be delayed in any way.