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We love what we do. We have the privilege and responsibility to become intricately involved in the lives of a very diverse range of people, often with incredible stories to tell. Because of our skills, knowledge and passion, they are able to entrust their financial future, and the financial future of their children into our hands. To us, that is very special and resonates with the team and our core values. 

With experience dating back to 1979, BSG offers financial solutions for both personal and corporate clients and has achieved the coveted Chartered Financial Planning status. As a firm of Chartered financial planners we have satisfied rigorous criteria relating to professional qualifications and good ethical practices. Our core values run all through our business in our aim to deliver an exellent client experience. You can see our core values here and what we believe they mean to our clients. 

We operate a team ethos and will surround you with the right talent and experience to ensure that your financial solutions are always fit for purpose. If you have an accountant, solicitor or other professional that work with you, we will ensure that what we advise fits with the advice those fellow professionals may be giving you. 


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